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The emergent landscape of the mouse gut endoderm at single-cell resolution

Nowotschin S, Setty M, Kuo YY, Liu V, Garg V, Sharma R,… Read More

HNF4A is essential for the active epigenetic state at enhancers in mouse liver

Thakur A, Wong JCH, Wang EY, Lotto J, Kim D, Cheng JC,… Read More

Mouse germ line mutations due to retrotransposon insertions

Gagnier L, Belancio VP & Mager DL. Mouse germ line mutations due… Read More

Dr. Connie Eaves awarded the 2019 Canada Gairdner Wightman Award

Congratulations to Dr. Connie J. Eaves, Professor of Medical Genetics at the… Read More

LIONS: Analysis suite for detecting and quantifying transposable element initiated transcription from RNA-seq

  Babaian A, Thompson IR, Lever J, Gagnier L, Karimi MM &… Read More