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Reality check for transposon enhancers

Brind’Amour J & Mager DL. Reality check for transposon enhancers. eLife 8,… Read More

Endothelial Sash1 Is Required for Lung Maturation through Nitric Oxide Signaling

Coulombe P, Paliouras GN, Clayton A, Hussainkhel A, Fuller M, Jovanovic V,… Read More

Synthetic modeling reveals HOXB genes are critical for the initiation and maintenance of human leukemia

Kusakabe M, Sun AC, Tyshchenko K, Wong R, Nanda A, Shanna C,… Read More

Data-Driven Flow Cytometry Analysis

Wang S, Brinkman RR. Methods Mol Biol. 1989:245-265, 2019. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-9454-0_16. Abstract:The… Read More

Flow cytometry data analysis: Recent tools and algorithms

Montante S, Brinkman RR. International Journal of Laboratory Hematology 41: 56. 2019.… Read More

The emergent landscape of the mouse gut endoderm at single-cell resolution

Nowotschin S, Setty M, Kuo YY, Liu V, Garg V, Sharma R,… Read More

HNF4A is essential for the active epigenetic state at enhancers in mouse liver

Thakur A, Wong JCH, Wang EY, Lotto J, Kim D, Cheng JC,… Read More