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A knock-in mouse strain facilitates dynamic tracking and enrichment of MEIS1

Ping Xiang, Wei Wei, Nicole Hofs, Jack Clemans-Gibbon, Tobias Maetzig, Courteney K. Lai,… Read More

Dense and accurate whole-chromosome haplotyping of individual genomes

Porubsky D, Garg S, Sanders AD, Korbel JO, Guryev V, Lansdorp PM… Read More

The A-like Faker assay for measuring yeast chromosome III stability

Novoa CA, Ang JS & Stirling PC. The A-like Faker assay for… Read More

RECQ-like helicases Sgs1 and BLM regulate R-loop associated genome instability

Chang EY, Novoa CA, Aristizabal MJ, Coulombe Y, Segovia R, Chaturvedi R,… Read More

Selection aggregation of the splicing factor Hsh155 suppresses splicing upon genotoxic stress

Mathew V, Tam AS, Milbury KL, Hofmann AK, Hughes CS, Morin GB,… Read More

Meis2 as a critical player in MN1-induced leukemia

Lai CK, Norddahl GL, Maetzig T, Rosten P, Lohr T, Sanchez Milde L, von Krosigk N, Docking TR, Heuser M, Karsan… Read More

Fate mapping of human glioblastoma reveals an invariant stem cell hierarchy

Lan X, Jörg DJ, Cavalli FMG, Richards LM, Nguyen LV, Vanner RJ,… Read More

Group 2 innate lymphoid cell activation in the neonatal lung drives type 2 immunity and allergen sensitization

Steer CA, Martinez-Gonzalez I, Ghaedi M, Allinger P, Matha L & Takei… Read More

Genome-wide bisulfite sensitivity profiling of yeast suggests bisulfite inhibits transcription

Segovia R, Mathew V, Tam AS & Stirling PC. Genome-wide bisulfite sensitivity… Read More

On the role of H3.3 in retroviral silencing

Wolf G, Rebollo R, Karimi MM, Ewing AD, Kamada R, Wu W,… Read More