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Mouse germ line mutations due to retrotransposon insertions

Posted April 15, 2019 | Publications

Gagnier L, Belancio VP & Mager DL. Mouse germ line mutations due to retrotransposon insertions.  Mobile DNA 10: 15, 2019.


Transposable element (TE) insertions are responsible for a significant fraction of spontaneous germ line mutations reported in inbred mouse strains. This major contribution of TEs to the mutational landscape in mouse contrasts with the situation in human, where their relative contribution as germ line insertional mutagens is much lower. In this focussed review, we provide comprehensive lists of TE-induced mouse mutations, discuss the different TE types involved in these insertional mutations and elaborate on particularly interesting cases. We also discuss differences and similarities between the mutational role of TEs in mice and humans.

PMID: 31011371