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A Lentiviral Fluorescent Genetic Barcoding System for Flow Cytometry-Based Multiplex Tracking

Maetzig T, Ruschmann J, Lai CK, Ngom M, Imren S, Rosten P,… Read More

Evaluating flow cytometer performance with weighted quadratic least squares analysis of LED and multi-level bead data

Parks DR, El Khettabi F, Chase E, Hoffman RA, Perfetto SP, Spidlen… Read More

Drs. Peter Lansdorp and Connie Eaves are recipients of the 2017 BC Cancer Foundation Strategic Priority Award. Congratulations!

Dr. Connie Eaves Identification of mechanisms of human breast cancer initiation from… Read More

Defects in Lymphocyte Telomere Homeostasis Contribute to Cellular Immune phenotype in Cartilage-Hair Hypoplasia

Aubert G, Strauss KA, Lansdorp PM & Rider NL. Journal of Allergy… Read More

Replication fork protection factors controlling R-loop bypass and supression.

Chang EY & Stirling PC. Replication fork protection factors controlling R-loop bypass… Read More