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Synthetic modeling reveals HOXB genes are critical for the initiation and maintenance of human leukemia

Kusakabe M, Sun AC, Tyshchenko K, Wong R, Nanda A, Shanna C,… Read More

Congratulations to Artem Babaian (Mager Lab)

Congratulations to Artem Babaian (Mager lab)!  He successfully defended his PhD thesis… Read More

Congratulations to Tabea Stephan (Hoodless Lab) on receiving a Stem Cell Network 2019 Till & McCulloch Meetings travel award

Tabea has been awarded this competitive Stem Cell Network travel award to… Read More

A CCSRI Innovation to Impact grant has been awarded to Dr. Xiaoyan Jiang

Congratulations to Dr. Xiaoyan Jiang who just got awarded a 3-year Innovation… Read More

Splicing, genome stability and disease: splice like your genome depends on it!

Tam AS & Stirling PC. Splicing, genome stability and disease: splice like… Read More

Repressive Epigenetic Signatures Safeguard the Liver

Thakur A, Hoodless PA. Repressive Epigenetic Signatures Safeguard the Liver. Dev Cell… Read More

A 2-year LLSC operating grant was awarded to Dr. Florian Kuchenbauer for microRNA studies for blood cancer treatment

Congratulations to Dr. Florian Kuchenabuer who just received a 2-year operating grant… Read More

Congratulations to Maryam Ghaedi (Takei Lab), who successfully defended her PhD thesis on June 13th.

Congratulations to Maryam Ghaedi (DVM, MSc) of the Takei Lab. She successfully… Read More

Reality check for transposon enhancers

Brind’Amour J & Mager DL. Reality check for transposon enhancers. eLife 8,… Read More