Dr Geraldine Aubert — PhD

Staff Scientist


Dr. Geraldine Aubert, PhD, is a Research Associate at the Terry Fox Laboratory, a department of the British Columbia Cancer Agency in Vancouver, Canada. She received her undergraduate degree in Applied Biology (Medical Biology and Biochemistry) from the ‘Université de Bourgogne’ in Dijon, France. She obtained a PhD in Hematology in 2004 from University College London (UCL and Royal Free Hospital, United Kingdom) under the supervision of Dr Paul Travers. Her graduate work focused on generating, testing and applying novel tools to monitor specific cellular immune responses following bone marrow transplantation. This work led to a better understanding and to the assessment and enhancement of immunity to specific viral and tumor antigens, which proved to be useful clinical biomarkers. Her most recent research interests, working with Dr Peter Lansdorp, are related to factors that regulate telomere length and to human disease that result from inherited mutations in genes that encode components of the telomerase enzyme complex.

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