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Dr Peter Lansdorp — MD, PhD, FRS(C)

Distinguished Scientist

Research Interest
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MD, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 1976
PhD, Experimental Hematology, University of Amsterdam, 1985

  • Asymmetric cell divisions and stem cell biology
  • Genetic instability, aging and cancer
  • Replication and repair of G-rich DNA and telomere repeats
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization and flow cytometry

Asymmetric cell divisions are required for the development of all multi-cellular organisms. Many mechanisms are known to help secure differences between daughter cells following a parental cell division. We are interested in exploring the possibility that differences in parental cells before they divide contribute to differences between daughter cells as well. For example, it seems possible that chromatin differences between sister chromatids co-regulate the expression of specific genes as predicted by the “silent sister hypothesis” (1). In order to test this hypothesis it is necessary to reliably distinguish between sister chromatids. We recently described a novel approaches to identify and study sister chromatids (2,3).  Current studies focus on testing the “silent sister hypothesis” using cells that divide asymmetrically and cells in which asymmetry is not obvious such as self-renewing normal and malignant (stem) cells.

The second area of interest is the role of genome stability in aging. Accurate replication of DNA and faithful segregation of chromosomes are essential for all forms of life. In multi-cellular organisms, the control of these processes differs markedly between various cell types and between organisms. For example, the number of cell divisions is tightly controlled in adult blood-forming stem cells, whereas embryonic stem cells are essentially immortal. Furthermore, most adult stem cells are typically quiescent, whereas embryonic stem cells turnover rapidly. The number of cell divisions that adult stem cells can undergo seems much more tightly controlled in humans than in mice, perhaps because tumor growth poses a greater risk to reproductive fitness in humans (with a longer lifespan and a larger body mass) than in mice (4). We previously engineered murine ES cells (5) with specific defects in the replication of chromosome ends (telomeres). Surprisingly, such cells appear to grow normally until differentiation is induced. In order to study the molecular mechanisms that underpin these observations, we are using these and other ES cells expressing fluorescent reporter constructs before and after various genetic manipulations (6). The goal of these studies is to characterize pathways involved in cell cycle checkpoints, telomere maintenance and DNA damage responses in ES cells before and after induction of differentiation. The single cell sequencing approaches developed in our laboratory have great potential to address many questions in biology including questions about genome stability, heritable as well as sporadic genetic rearrangements, reference genome assembly and haplotyping (7,8)

In all vertebrates telomeres are characterized by TTAGGG repeats and associated proteins. A minimum number of telomere repeats is needed at each end in order to distinguish a normal end form a double strand break and protect chromosome ends from fusion and degradation. Critically short or truncated telomeres trigger a DNA damage response that can cause cell cycle arrest or cell death. Telomeric DNA is lost with each round of cell division via several distinct pathways (9). Lost telomere repeats are normally replenished by the enzyme telomerase, a reverse transcriptase which can add telomere repeats to the 3’ end of chromosomes using an RNA template. Telomerase levels appear to be limiting in normal human blood forming stem cells (10). We have developed novel tools to measure the telomere length in individual cells and individual chromosomes (11,12) and these quantitative fluorescence in situ hybridization techniques are used to address questions about the role of telomeres in normal aging, tumor progression and specific genetic, hematological and immune disorders. Based on our studies in C.elegans (13) we are particularly interested in guanine-rich DNA capable of forming higher order structures known guanine quadruplex (G4) DNA. We have developed a panel of monoclonal antibodies against different G4 DNA structures (14) to study on the role of G4 DNA in the regulation of gene expression and telomere biology.

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