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Dr. Rob Kay — PhD

Emeritus Professor

Research Interest
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Emeritus Professor, Medical Genetics, UBC

I have retired from bench research as of 2013, and am now an unpaid Emeritus Professor.  I am developing and applying innovative teaching methods within various graduate programs at UBC, including the Interdisciplinary Oncology Program.

Areas of teaching expertise:

Assessment of research validity, with an emphasis on how graduate students can avoid various traps that can compromise the validity of their research.

UBC Courses: ONCO 510, MEDI 502, MEDG 530, MICB 506, Responsible Conduc t of Research - Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies


The role of cellular evolution and ecology  in oncogenesis and cancer treatment efficacy.

UBC courses: MEDG 421, ONCO 502


Current approaches to revealing and understanding genetic susceptibilities to common human diseases.

UBC course: MEDG 420