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Dr. Xiaoyan Jiang — MD, PhD

Distinguished Scientist

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Josephine Leung

Cancer Research Technologist
  604-675-8000 ext 7740
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MD, Shanghai Second Medical University
PhD, Division of Experimental Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

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  • Basic and translational leukemia research
  • Leukemic stem cell biology
  • Gene regulation
  • Drug resistance
  • Proteomics

The overall goal of my research program is to understand the molecular mechanisms and cellular functions of specific oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, miRNAs and their target genes in the regulation of the properties of cancer/leukemic stem cells, signal transduction events, initiation and progression of human leukemia and drug resistance. The ultimate objective is to identify molecules and pathways that will lead to new, rationally designed, more effective, and less toxic, personalized molecularly targeted therapies. In particular, we are extremely interested in developing mechanism-based combination therapeutic strategies that can directly target drug-insensitive leukemic stem cells.

My research objectives are currently focused on two lines of investigation. One is basic investigation of the molecular mechanisms of several newly identified cancer driver genes as potential therapeutic targets that contribute to the pathogenesis and drug resistance of a number of human leukemias and lymphomas. By analyzing perturbations in primary human leukemic cells, including patient’s leukemic stem/progenitor cells, by global gene expression profiling, in overexpression and knockdown in vitro and in vivo mouse and patient-derived xenograft models, my research group has recently demonstrated that AHI-1 (Abelson helper integration site-1), a scaffold oncoprotein, is highly deregulated in BCR-ABL+ leukemic stem cells and interacts with multiple kinases and other proteins (BCR-ABL, JAK2, β-catenin, DNM2 and γ-Tubulin, etc) to enhance leukemia-initiating activity and drug-resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). We have also been exploring new, complementary therapeutic strategies that can synergistically target key molecular events active in leukemic stem cells and their associated bone marrow niche, autophagy and the Hedgehog signaling pathway, etc, and have uncovered ILK, ATG4B and several miRNAs/target genes as potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets in CML stem/progenitor cells. Understanding dynamic changes in molecular and signaling events regulated by these critical drivers/networks essential for leukemic stem cell functionality/drug resistance will lead to the development of more effective molecularly targeted therapies, critical especially for patients at high risk of drug resistance and disease progression.

The second line of investigation is a translational research effort in human leukemia, which aims to develop new predictive and prognostic tests and improved treatments for human leukemia, in collaboration with local and global clinical leaders, experts in medicinal chemistry and drug design and large drug companies. We have recently identified several unique features of CML stem/progenitor cells and miRNA/target genes that lead to their intrinsic resistance to TKI therapies and might be expected to predict the responsiveness of patients to TKI therapy. These predictive tests will rapidly identify patients who will not benefit from standard TKI monotherapies so that they may be considered rapidly for transplant-based or novel combination treatments to significantly improve outcomes. We have also been testing new therapeutic agents/inhibitors and combination treatment strategies that can effectively eradicate human leukemic stem cells, using our well-established in vitro and in vivo models.

Valencia-Serna J, Chen M, Remant KC, Jiang X, Brandwein JM, & Uludag H. siRNA-mediated BCR-ABL silencing in primary chronic myeloid leukemia cells using lipopolymers. Control Release (In press)

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Chen M, Turhan AG, Ding H, Lin Q, Meng K & Jiang X. Targeting BCR-ABL+ stem/progenitor cells and BCR-ABL-T315I mutant cells by effective inhibition of the BCR-ABL-Tyr177-GRB2 complex. Oncotarget 8: 43662-43677, 2017.  View Abstract

Liu X, Rothe K, Yen R, Fruhstorfer C, Maetzig T, Chen M, Forrest D, Humphries RK & Jiang X. A novel AHI-1-BCR-ABL-DNM2 complex regulates leukemic properties of primitive CML cells through enhanced cellular endocytosis and ROS-mediated autophagy. Leukemia 31: 2376-2387,  2017. View Abstract

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