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The 2016 Chew Wei Memorial Prize in Cancer Research Award goes to Dr. Connie Eaves

Posted October 11, 2016 | News

The Dr. Chew Wei MBBS [HK] FRCOG [ENG] Memorial Prize in Cancer Research establishes a prize, to a physician or scientist – whether in academia, government, non-profit organizations, or the private sector – who has made a transformational, internationally recognized contribution to the fight against cancer, with an emphasis on researchers whose achievements span the spectrum of health research, from the laboratory to clinical care to health systems and public policy.

One prize will be awarded annually to a Canadian who has made outstanding contributions to the treatment, amelioration, or cure for cancer. Among the criteria that will be considered is a distinguished record of translating scientific discoveries into clinical applications, forging partnerships with scientists and others to foster cancer research or to implement discoveries, and cultivating future leaders in the field. The prize is awarded with the expectation that the recipient will continue to demonstrate excellence in thier field of work and make world-class scientific contributions.