A variety of other training opportunities exists for individuals wishing to gain experience in a research environment.

Students enrolled in university co-op programs such as those at UBC, the University of Victoria or Simon Fraser University may apply to undertake a work term in the Terry Fox Laboratory. These are usually decided in early November for terms starting in January, and in early June for terms starting in September.

In addition, a limited number of summer positions for undergraduate students are usually available. Most of these are dependent on the receipt by the candidate of a competitive summer Studentship funded by the B.C. Cancer Foundation or the UBC Faculty of Medicine. The application deadline for these Studentships is February 1st for the former and November 30th for the latter.

It may also be possible for some undergraduate students at UBC to do a directed studies project (eg. Medical Genetics 448) in the Terry Fox Laboratory.

Occasional short term (6-12 month) opportunities are also available for students who have recently completed their undergraduate degree or a MSc degree, and who wish further experience in laboratory research.

Further inquiries about any of these programs can be obtained by writing or phoning the Terry Fox Laboratory directly